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McGannon Students Heading to Boston

Congratulations to McGannon Foundation Student Involvement Program Class of 2018 participants Bianca Neves and Brent Vansickle, and 2019 McGannon Scholarship recipient, Simone Kim, who are finalists in the Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge. Well done and best of luck in Boston!

McGannon Scholarship Awarded at FSA ULaval Conference

On March 27, Hugo Noury, student at FSA ULaval and recipient of a 2019 McGannon Scholarship was presented with his scholarship by Phillippe Gregoire, Professor at FSA ULaval. The presentation was made during a conference organized by Professor Gregoire. Also present for the scholarship presentation was Vicky Martin, Risk Manager for Héma-Québec and lecturer at FSA ULaval. In the photo from left to right, Phillippe Gregoire, Hugo Noury and Vicky Martin.

New Website Launched

The board of the McGannon Foundation met in Toronto on February 7 and 8, 2019 to set the strategy for the upcoming year. One of the items discussed at the meeting was a refresh of our website to make it more accessible to students, alumni and donors.

One of the key new features of the website (currently in beta testing) is the ability for students to apply for undergraduate and graduate scholarships and positions within the Student Involvement Program online.

We hope you like it.

2018 Stewardship Report

The 2018 Stewardship Report is almost ready for publication. Check back in a few weeks to see what the McGannon Foundation has been up to.