Participation d’étudiants à la conférence RIMS Canada

La Fondation McGannon a un Programme d’implication des étudiants, pour les étudiants qui sont inscrits à des programmes d’études postsecondaires en gestion du risque, assurance ou programmes connexes.  La Fondation offre une occasion unique à ces étudiants de participer au Colloque annuel de RIMS Canada. Dans le cade de ce colloque, les étudiants se familiarisent avec l’assurance et la gestion du risque lors de séances éducatives et de réseautage avec des professionnels de tous les secteurs de notre industrie.

Il s’agit d’une occasion unique pour les étudiants inscrits dans des universités canadiennes ou des collèges communautaires avec une majeure en finance, en gestion, en génie, en contrôle de la sécurité et des pertes, et en actuariat, statistiques avancées et comptabilité. Tous les étudiants choisis doivent respecter un calendrier préétabli.

Pour les candidats choisis, la Fondation défraiera les dépenses suivantes :

  • Droits d’inscription
  • Frais d’hébergement
  • Frais raisonnables de transport aller-retour au colloque
  • Dépenses raisonnables encourues pendant le Colloque

Comment proposer sa candidature

Le Colloque 2020 aura lieu à Ottawa, du 13 – 16 septembre 2020. La demande de participation ainsi que tout le matériel justificatif doivent être reçus en un seul envoi à la Fondation d’ici le 31 mai 2020.

What Successful Students May Expect

  • An introduction to the Risk Management discipline.
  • To learn firsthand how the Risk Management & Insurance Society (“RIMS”) works across Canada and the United States.
  • Unique practical opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals just what the risk management process is all about as it pertains to a wide spectrum of businesses and non-profits.
  • Access to a coach and mentor throughout the conference in order to maximize the learning opportunities.

How the Mentor / Coach will Help You

  • Will be available to assist in all your reasonable requests for assistance and answer your questions about the discipline and profession
  • May accompany you to the sessions that you pick out from the Conference Program.
  • Make certain your costs that we have agreed to pay are covered.
  • Provide opportunities for networking within the industry and introduce you to many professionals in the risk management and related support fields.

What the Foundation Expects from you

  • To act appropriately in all social and learning sessions, and to represent your school in a professional manner.
  • To share what you have learned with your fellow students by making a special presentation which will earn marks towards one of your courses.
  • To attend all the general and seminar sessions over the two and a half days. (No excuses!)
  • If things are not going right or expectations are not being met, you will immediately advise your mentor/ coach in order that both of you can find a solution.

Student Eligibility

  • Students must be over the age of majority in the jurisdiction where the conference will be held.
  • Nominated students must be enrolled as full time students with sufficient credit hours to be classified as a senior or in your final year at a Community College or a graduate student. The nominated student’s major must be in finance, management, or accounting, actuarial science, statistics, engineering with related courses of risk control or safety, or other related fields of study.
  • An institution may nominate up to three students.
  • Students that have attended a past conference may be eligible for selection to the current conference.
  • Applications must be complete in every respect, and be post marked or courier dated Month XX, 2019 or earlier and sent to the Foundation.

Important Information

  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Statement From a Department Head

  • Confirmation that the institution offers Bachelors, Graduate Degrees, or a Diploma in related risk management & insurance disciplines or allied courses of study such as finance, management, engineering safety, loss control, and actuarial science advanced statistics, and accounting.
  • A statement that a student who is being recommended for this program would directly benefit from this learning experience.
  • Confirmation that the student is currently enrolled in a degree or diploma program.
  • A statement that upon completion of the student’s attendance at the Conference that the student will be given marks toward a grade standing in one of their courses in the forth coming year, with the additional understanding that the student will be given an opportunity to make a presentation to their fellow students at on what his learning’s have been.
  • A listing of the students courses of study for the upcoming year or the previous year that reflects appropriate courses of study in risk management, insurance or allied disciplines.
  • A copy of the syllabus of the pertinent courses that will be taken by the student in the upcoming year.
  • A separate letter of recommendation from a professor or senior instructor.

Demande d'implication des étudiants