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2. Student Involvement Program

The McGannon Foundation provides a Student Involvement Program for students that are enrolled in post-secondary study programs in Risk Management, Insurance or related programs. The Foundation is offering a unique opportunity for these students to attend the annual RIMS Canada Conference. At the conference, students will learn about risk management and insurance at the educational sessions and network with professionals in all segments of our industry.

This is a great opportunity for students who are enrolled at either Canadian Universities or Community Colleges with a major in finance, management, engineering, safety and loss control, actuarial science, advanced statistics and accounting. All students selected are required to follow a pre-set agenda.

How to Apply

The 2017 Conference will be held in Toronto, Ontario, from September 24th - 27th, 2017. Applications and all supporting materials must be received in a single mailing and email to the Foundation by April 30, 2017.

The Foundation will pay for the following expenses for selected applicants:

2016 Student Involvement Program

The 2016 Student Involvement Program was a great success with seven students participating at RIMS Canada in Calgary, Alberta.

The student attendees were:

• Ameet Lail - BCIT
• Brian MacMahon - Mohawk College
• Gregory Koncan - U of Toronto
• Kevin Lewis - U of Calgary
• Nicole Howard - BCIT
• Cameron Humphrey - U of Calgary

Testimonials: Class of 2016 Student Involvement Program 

Kevin Lewis, University of Calgary:
As a student I felt very welcomed by the Foundation members after the initial dinner on the first night. Everyone seemed enthused to get to know us and helped prepare us for what was to come in the week. During many of the sessions I was able to confirm theory I had learned in school and also see how the theory plays out in real life examples… during the cyber risk session I got to see how a cyber claim is handled in real life. One of my biggest takeaways from my experience at the Conference was I got much better at introducing myself to industry professionals. When networking, I found everyone I engaged with to be kind and willing to spend the time to have a detailed conversation with me. I got to learn about these professional’s various companies and even got tips on their corporate culture and how to stand out if I apply to their companies.

Ameet Lail, British Columbia Institute of Technology:
I enjoyed the variety of speakers that presented at the plenaries as they provided unique and open views to the industry of risk management. It was definitely worth my time as it was a memorable experience that gave me a lot of exposure to meeting a variety of people.

Brian MacMahon, Mohawk College:
Attending the RIMS Canada Conference was an amazing experience overall. The McGannon Foundation Directors were very welcoming. It was very refreshing to see how passionate they were about education, research and developing career opportunities for youth in the industry. One of the most beneficial aspects of attending the Conference was building upon my professional network. The Foundation Directors created a full schedule of corporate events to attend, and in some we were even given the opportunity to address the attendees and share our story. This experience opened my eyes to the broadness of opportunity within the industry and furthered my interest in my career choice.

Cameron Humphrey, University of Calgary:
The experience was phenomenal and everything was set up in an organized manner. Educationally there was a lot to take in and the plenaries were a great source of information relating to a great number of diverse topics. I also enjoyed how welcoming the whole experience was, having to talk to so many industry experts can be intimidating at times however, everyone was incredibly informative and willing to help us as students in any way they could which was an amazing thing to see.

Nicole Howard, British Columbia Institute of Technology:
The Foundation did an excellent job at giving us students introductions and being our mentors throughout the conference. I would have to say this experience has greatly helped me develop my social skills and has made me feel a part of the Risk Management Industry. Being a student, we don't always get as much feedback about how to enter in this vast and ever changing Industry. Thankfully, the business cards and follow-up's have opened the door to keep the conversation rolling with leaders and professionals to help guide me through the daunting journey of transforming from student to professional. I would recommend this opportunity to every and all students!

Gregory Koncan, University of Toronto:
Overall the Conference was a great experience. I learned a lot more about engineering in the risk management industry and have been able to make various connections world-wide. It honestly put the industry into perspective for me and gave me another potential career route to pursue, which from talking to various engineers from companies that attended the conference such as from FM Global or Zurich, and even members on the board such as Denis Schaeffer or France Larivee, has proven to be a fruitful and rewarding career path. The Conference was truly eye opening for me, as a future engineer and I really encourage more engineering students to apply for the opportunity and I hope that it can have the same impact on them.