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Student Involvement

The McGannon Foundation provides a Student Involvement Program for students that are enrolled in post-secondary study programs in Risk Management, Insurance or related programs. The Foundation is offering a unique opportunity for these students to attend the annual RIMS Canada Conference. At the conference, students will learn about risk management and insurance at the educational sessions and network with professionals in all segments of our industry.

This is a great opportunity for students who are enrolled at either Canadian Universities or Community Colleges with a major in finance, management, engineering, safety and loss control, actuarial science, advanced statistics and accounting.

How to Apply

The 2015 Conference will be held in Quebec City, Quebec, from September 26th - 29th, 2015. Applications and all supporting materials must be received in a single mailing and email to the Foundation by April 30, 2015.

The Foundation will pay for the following expenses for selected applicants:

2014 Student Involvement Program

The 2014 Student Involvement Program was a great success with seven students participating at RIMS Canada Winnipeg, Manitoba.

RIMS Canada WinnipegThe student attendees were:
Ariel Pevzner - U of Calgary
Andrew Stark - U of Calgary
Craig Hamilton - BC Institute of Technology
Daniel Flanagan - Mohawk College
Alyssa Newton - Mohawk College
Kiley McCusker - Mohawk College
Vanessa Armstrong - Mohawk College

Photo courtesy of RIMS Canada Council


From Craig Hamilton (BCIT)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for all of your efforts in making this trip possible. Attending the 2014 RIMS Canada Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba was an incredibly valuable experience that could not have occurred at a better time... I felt truly welcomed with open arms by the McGannon Foundation during the conference. What I learned about most during the conference was the interesting and varied types of people who make up the Insurance and Risk industry in Canada. Attending the conference was absolutely an excellent use of my time.

Thank you again to the entire McGannon Board and everyone who has been involved with the Foundation for making such an experience possible.

From Andrew Stark (University of Calgary)
Attending the RIMS Canada conference as a student through the McGannon Foundation’s student involvement program was an awesome experience. Our schedule was clearly laid out and we were able to maximize the amount of exposure to industry professionals. The plenary speakers were entertaining and insightful.

The industry sessions were educational and showed that this industry isn’t static, it’s always changing. As a student, it is exciting to be entering an industry that is always evolving and to have the opportunity to be a part of the evolution. Outside of the Conference we were given the chance to meet a range of industry professionals. We met people who are just a few years into the industry along with Executives and Presidents of global companies. The professionals we met were friendly and offered positive insights into working in the industry. I wish that there were more opportunities like this for students that are excited about insurance and risk management.

From Ariel Pevzner (University of Calgary)
I thought the schedule was set well. It gave us free time the first day and was busy enough to keep us on track throughout the rest of the conference. I felt very welcomed by the Foundation. It was also nice to be introduced on stage at the conference as the McGannon Foundation's guests. I had numerous people introduce themselves to me and congratulate me on being selected to come to the conference.

I learned that the industry is very large, however everyone seems to know everyone. It is an industry that requires maintaining relationships and keeping in touch. The plenary speakers were all fantastic.

From Dan Flanagan (Mohawk College) 
Attending the RIMS Canada Conference was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed speaking with all the different industry professionals that were able to provide valuable insight and knowledge into the industry. The members of the Foundation were absolutely amazing. Whenever I ran into one of them, they seemed to go out of their way for me to ensure that we were having a good time and would ask if we had any questions.

I really enjoyed the whole experience. I definitely made some good contacts and learned about some companies corporate training programs, which I was really interested in hearing about. Attending the conference was definitely worth the time, there is valuable information that can be learned that isn't taught in the classroom.

From Alyssa Newton (Mohawk College)
I learned so much and met so many wonderful (and influential) people, and I got so much out of the experience. The schedule was jam-packed (as we were forewarned it would be). The Foundation members were great and very warm and always willing to speak to the students. I enjoyed the functions where we were able to socialize and interact with industry. The plenary speakers were diverse and helpful, even if some where not specifically risk-management related.

Everything was brilliant and I cannot imagine it being better. Thank you again for taking a chance on me and for providing me with this opportunity. I look forward to seeing you again in the industry and please let me know if I can do anything for you and the McGannon Foundation.