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XL McGannon Foundation Dinner May 5th, 2010

For the second year in a row, XL Insurance Company held an excellent dinner on May 5th in Calgary to recognize the McGannon Foundation. In attendance were McGannon board members, George Simpson, Ashley Becker and Bill McGannon, former students to whom we have awarded scholarships and some of XL's staff, broker and risk manager friends. Denis Schaeffer presented Bill McGannon with a cheque for $5000. The McGannon Foundation would like to thank Denis and the XL Insurance Company for their kind donation, continued support and a tremendously successful evening in connecting a donor, the McGannon board and the students the foundation support.

Bill Stephens (XL), Lou Forte (XL), Alexandra Sellers (U of C Scholarship winner), Graham Addington (XL)

Nathan Montgomery(U of C Scholarship winner), Bill McGannon and Alexandra Sellers
Denis Schaeffer (XL) presenting the cheque to
Bill McGannon