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Scholarship Winners from the Class of 2010 & 2011

The foundation is pleased to announce two scholarships in 2010 and four scholarships were awarded in 2011.

The 2010 Recipients were:
Angie Montgomery of Fanshaw College, London, Ontario and
Kyle Johnson of Mount Royal University, Calgary, Albert.

photo of Angie Montgomery
Angie Montgomery
photo of Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson

The 2011 Recipients were:
Justin Aabella, British Columbia Institute of Technology, B.C.; Clair Grant, Mount Royal University, Calgary; Brian Osiowy, University of Calgary, Haskayn School of Business, Calgary; Rachell Veldhoen, University of Calgary, Haskayn School of Business, Calgary.

photo of Clair Grant
Clair Grant
photo of Rachell Veldhoen
Rachell Veldhoen
photo of Brian Osiowy
Brian Osiowy