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2. Programme d'implication des étudiants

La Fondation McGannon a un Programme d'implication des étudiants, pour les étudiants qui sont inscrits à des programmes d'études postsecondaires en gestion du risque, assurance ou programmes connexes.  La Fondation offre une occasion unique à ces étudiants de participer au Colloque annuel de RIMS Canada. Dans le cade de ce colloque, les étudiants se familiarisent avec l’assurance et la gestion du risque lors de séances éducatives et de réseautage avec des professionnels de tous les secteurs de notre industrie.

Il s'agit d'une occasion unique pour les étudiants inscrits dans des universités canadiennes ou des collèges communautaires avec une majeure en finance, en gestion, en génie, en contrôle de la sécurité et des pertes, et en actuariat, statistiques avancées et comptabilité. Tous les étudiants choisis doivent respecter un calendrier préétabli.

Comment proposer sa candidature

Le Colloque 2018 aura lieu à St. John's, Terre-Neuve, du 23 au 26 septembre 2018. La demande de participation ainsi que tout le matériel justificatif doivent être reçus en un seul envoi à la Fondation d’ici le 15 mai 2018.

Pour les candidats choisis, la Fondation défraiera les dépenses suivantes :

Programme d’implication des étudiants 2017

Le Programme d’implication des étudiants a connu un franc succès en 2017 avec la participation de sept étudiants au Colloque RIMS Canada qui a eu lieu à Toronto, ON.

Les étudiants participants étaient :

• Rosiane Ferreira - British Columbia Institute of Technology
• Makayla Robertson - British Columbia Institute of Technology
• Jacqueline Mackay - St. Francis Xavier University
• Antonie Marois - University Laval
• Olivier Gagnon - University Laval


Rosiane Ferreira, British Columbia Institute of Technology:
“Attending the 2017 RIMS Canada Conference exceeded all my expectations. It was a pleasure getting to know all the Foundation directors and network with so many successful risk management professionals across Canada. Additionally, the opportunity to meet such brilliant students involved in risk management and share my expectations and challenges of the Conference with them. As we got along so well, it made my experience even more amazing.

I really appreciated the Director’s efforts put into the Foundation and for the time and consideration with us in Toronto. The McGannon Foundation made me feel very welcomed by the Risk Management community. Beginning with my interview, Joe and Marley were very pleasant and explained all the details of the Conference if I was chosen. Wayne did an exceptional job coordinating and supporting us for over a month by organizing the trip and making sure we all were accommodated properly. Our organized schedule for meeting and receptions allowed us to use our time wisely and the business cards were a plus on this experience as they made me feel like a professional. The Foundation provided us unconditional care and attention by introducing and connecting us with countless successful people in the Risk Management industry.

I was delighted to see how the Risk Management industry was welcoming and pleasant to share their experiences and advice to the next generation of Risk Managers. All the business cards, networking and advice will help me to shape what possible career paths to pursue. It was very exciting to take away so many options of careers in mind.”

Makayla Robertson, British Columbia Institute of Technology:
“My overall impression of the experience with the McGannon Foundation was very positive. I felt extremely welcomed by the Foundation. The schedule was great, and I really enjoyed being busy all the time with the Conference and various events. The McGannon Foundation successfully presented every opportunity for the students to network with, and to learn from, various professionals in the industry.

I really enjoyed the education sessions, I felt every single one I had attended had a really great take away that I could use in my education and in my professional career. The networking was another highlight for me as I felt I have made lasting connections with professionals in the industry. These are people that have made me feel confident in contacting them with questions throughout my career, and this holds an exponential amount of value for me.

In my opinion, the McGannon Foundation nailed the experience for us students, and there is nothing that I would do different for the upcoming students. I feel the foundation, executed the entire event wonderfully.”

Jacqueline Mackay, St. Francis Xavier University:
“My entire experience with the McGannon Foundation and the Student Involvement Program was exceptional, from start to finish. The application process was relevant, thorough, thoughtful, and really helped me understand why I wanted to be a part of it, and what I intended to take away from it. I’d also like to speak to those involved in the program alongside myself. The other students who attended were kind, encouraging, and an absolute joy to share the experience with. I am excited to have made such genuine connections with people who will ultimately becoming my future colleagues and professional peers. The Board Members who mentored us along the way were also far and beyond what I could have hoped them to be. They made me feel so warmly welcomed, right from the start, and were constantly encouraging us to break out and meet new people and to take full advantage of every opportunity the RIMS Conference had to offer.

The plenaries were engaging and inspiring, and really encouraged me to explore fields beyond what I am used to. My favourite plenary was the one about Catastrophic Risk Management, by esteemed speaker Erwann Michel-Kerjan. Erwann shared with us a unique and incredibly interesting perspective on how modern organizations can adapt to changing conditions and protect against risks associated with potential catastrophic events of many different kinds. The other sessions I attended were incredibly varied and perfectly relevant to current industry topics, including cyber risk, the sharing economy, drones, and social media.

Another invaluable takeaway from my experience was the extensive networking opportunities. I truly believe that developing and maintaining positive professional relationships is a huge part of succeeding in the risk management industry, and am incredibly grateful to the McGannon foundation for having given me the chance to connect with so many kind, interesting, and supportive members of the industry. If given the chance, I would do this program again in a heartbeat, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn more about the risk management industry, to network with professionals, and to explore future career opportunities.”

Antoine Marois, University Laval:
“I loved my experience of attending the RIMS Canada Conference. The entire McGannon Foundation team was very cordial with us. As soon as we arrived, they made us feel at ease. I learned a lot by going to the RIMS Canada Conference. First, we had the opportunity to do a lot of networking, which allowed me to meet the elite in risk management. Some of the companies that were present were not familiar to me. I have met leaders from all over Canada. I really appreciated that the Foundation organized a lot of networking activities that allowed me to talk to the RIMS members about myself (background, studies, etc.), the Foundation and about what I learned during the Conference. They are fantastic people., I was even able to expand my network with French Canadian Risk Managers from Quebec and Montreal.

The main topic of the RIMS Canada 2017 was “Community” and I think that we felt it throughout our stay with the different speakers. The conference of Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan was captivating and I learned a lot. The sessions were definitely worth my time! I went to a session called “Commercial Drones: Implications and Applications for the Insurance Industry”. It was interesting to learn about how drones are used right now and how they are involved in the risk management of companies. The speaker helped us to think about the future and the regulations that should be added to Canadian law. As a student from the millennium generation, I think it is important to be aware of new technological issues such as social networks and autonomous vehicles. It will be our responsibility as future risk managers to ensure a good integration of this technology within the companies.”

Olivier Gagnon, University Laval:
“First of all, I would like to thank the McGannon Foundation and all the members that made this experience so wonderful. The other students and I immediately felt welcomed and a part of the group. Everyone was eager to learn about us and share with us. Everything was well organized, as the schedule was busy but well planned.

Educationally, there was an opportunity to learn on diverse topics. Indeed, I learned a lot about the industry and took a lot from the plenaries. Attending the Conference also allowed us to build our professional network. Everyone in the industry was really kind and willing to spend the time to talk with us and talk about their company and the opportunities that were available to us. It also greatly furthered my interest in my career choice.

Another amazing aspect of the program was meeting the other students. We immediately connected and formed a close bond with each other. We spent a lot of time together during the Conference and I ended up feeling like I had known them for a long time. Being able to experience the conference with such amazing people made the experience even more amazing. I know for sure we will stay in touch as we progress in our careers. The overall experience was amazing and truly a life-changing one. I would encourage everyone to apply for the Student Involvement Program.”​