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About Us

The William H. McGannon Foundation (the Foundation) was established following the release of a study by the RIMS Canada Council in 1999 that evaluated the need for a Canadian organization to support risk management education and advance the profession of risk management in Canada. The Foundation was established to provide resources in the form of scholarships, research grants and student involvement to advance risk management by way of education, research, mentorship and work experience programs. It is modeled after the Spencer Foundation in the U.S. and acts independently from Spencer and RIMS. It is a registered Canadian Foundation and has been granted charitable status under the terms of the Canadian Income Tax Act. Registration #865757082.RR001

The Foundation is established as a Canadian Corporation under the provisions of the Canada Corporations Act and is governed by the provisions of that Act and by the By-laws of the Foundation.

The long term goal of the McGannon Foundation is to establish chairs of Insurance and Risk Management at major universities across Canada.

Who is Bill McGannon and Why is the Foundation Named After Him?

For those few people in the business that did not know him, Mr. William McGannon was one of the first risk managers in Canada to set up a full service risk management department with loss prevention services and statistical support at NOVA Chemicals Corporation in Alberta in 1979. He retired from that position in 1998. Bill frequently lectured at the University of Calgary where he was instrumental in setting up the Chair of Risk Management and served as 'Executive in Residence' from 1998-2000. Sadly, Mr. McGannon passed away in August of 2015 and his presence is sadly and profoundly missed.

The Foundation was named after Mr. McGannon given he was a long time supporter of risk management education and he is also one of the founding Fathers of the Foundation. When searching for a name for the Foundation the initial Board felt that it was most appropriate to attach a name synonymous with excellence in the risk management profession and long time support of education.

Director & Officer Bios

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France Larivee
Wayne Hickey
Frances Weeks

Joe Restoule
President & Director
Denis Schaeffer
April Savchuk
Director & Secretary
Marley Drainville